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A gateway to exciting career avenues opens at WeSchool

WeSchool offers two new age, niche programs to meet industry demands PGDM (Media & Entertainment) and  in (Research and Business Analytics) (powered by SAS)  While the Indian job market today offers improved employment opportunities in traditional sectors such as retail, infrastructure and IT, attention is now focused on burgeoning  fields such as  news, entertainment, education,… Read More »

‘I was ecstatic when I was told that my work was good enough to be implemented — they were actually revamping the process based on my recommendations!’ Upasana Modi from WeSchool, Mumbai tells us how her two-month internship with a leading textile firm taught her important life lessons

Gaining relevant knowledge, skills, and experience while establishing important connections in the field during summer internship … Upasana Modi, MMS-Batch II, 2015-2017, WeSchool shares her experience “Upasana, you are next! ” My train of thoughts was brought to a screeching, abrupt halt and I was jolted back into the present with these words. It was… Read More »

Students in far-flung locations can now leverage a platform to learn practical applications from a diversity of industry experts across India

WeBind bridges the campus-corporate-society gap by delivering the real world inside classrooms across India. WeBind, an Ed-Tech startup founded by engineering & management professionals connects every subject taught in classrooms to its purpose & career in the real world. It is a platform where students understand the applications of various theorems, formulae, and theoretical concepts…. Read More »

Welingkar Candid Confessions

Namraata Badheka l PGDM (2014-2016)  “WeSchool gave me the chance to have my rescheduled flight updated to business class, without paying extra! Yup, you read it right. We School equipped me with the training to deal and negotiate with people so efficiently. And it turned out that the pilot of the aircraft was a WeSchool… Read More »

A confluence of knowledge community at WeSchool

WeSchool Management Development Center (MDC), eClerx and Mumbai KM Community jointly hosted a 1-day Annual KM Conference on Friday, 26th June 2014 at WeSchool. presenting his thoughts on a six-step structured process for capturing and preserving the knowledge from experts within as well as those retiring or exiting the organisation.  He shared the lessons learnt… Read More »

Team Sanjeevani wins MUNIJAN 2015

WeSchool students working towards addressing the issues related to menstrual hygiene for women win MUNIJAN 2015, an initiative of University of Mumbai on Gandhi Jayanti MUNIJAN – Mumbai University New Initiative for JOINT ACTION NOW is the flagship event of Mumbai University, held on 2nd October every year, which provides a platform for students to… Read More »