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Global Peace Initiative 2015 – Youth Must Make A Positive Move For Peace

In memory of 26/11 victims, the students of WeSchool organized a Global Peace Initiative. Eminent personalities from politics, cinema, television and journalism were part of this initiative. WeSchool has been organizing peace initiatives for the last three years. The fourth year initiative focused on felicitating people from several aspects of life who have dedicated their life to the cause of peace. These people have, in one or other, inspired youth to contribute towards making of a peaceful world and send out a strong message of harmony.

Prof. Dr. Uday Salunkhe, Group Director of WeSchool, opened the speech, “The terrorist’s real weapon is hatred and fear that he invokes, the divides that he creates. Global Peace Initiative is one of our endeavors to sensitize the young citizens about role and responsibility in building a peaceful and multicultural world. People like Dr. Jockin Arputham, Awais Sheikh and Maya Shahni, who keep peace and humanity alive inspire youth to be assertive and nurture a positive and inclusive culture, are the real heroes and it is our privilege to honour them.”

Following eminent personalities were honored for their contribution:

  • Magsaysay Award winner Padmashri Dr Jockin Arputham, President of National Slum Dwellers Federation of India for taking up the cause of eradicating poverty and social injustice
  • Awais Sheikh, President of Indo-Pak Peace Initiatives for his exemplary work towards strengthening Indo-Pak ties
  • ISRO for its technological feats and adopting 150 villages.
  • Javed Bashir for bringing a confluence of India-Pak cultures through music
  • Maya Shahni, Founder of SAGE Foundation, for her unstinted efforts towards women empowerment.
  • Krishna Das for spreading peace in the chaotic city of Mumbai
  • “What is most needed in the world in these times is love. Celebrate the love of our shared humanity with respect for the dignity of our differences. Peace is created with trust and respect,” said Kia Scherr, co-founder of One Life Alliance, who lost her husband and only child to the terror attacks. Devika Mittal of Coverner of Agaz-E-Dosti who writes on gender issues, peace and conflict and Indo-Pak relations said, “Let’s refuse to submit to the culture of hatred, intolerance and inhumanity. Even if your voice be a lone one, it is much stronger than a million voices of hatred for it is the ray of light in the dark tunnel.”Other eminent personalities from media, Bollywood, Television, Education, Sports and Corporate walked the ramp with children from Udaan and Don Bosco to show their support for global peace. More than 60 celebs were present at the event.

    In his closing speech, Prof Dr. Uday Salunkhe called for the youth of India to realize the dire need for a peaceful and multicultural world in today’s tough times.

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