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Our Pride – Our Alumni Kalpak Chavan shares his experience at Welingkar

As a child, I have always aspired to be a Psychiatrist. I always used to observe people and their behavior. I used to love to talk to them. As a People’s person, I have always enjoyed being with people, listening to their issues and if possible, help them solve those issues in some way. However, as technology education also attracted my attention, I decided to pursue engineering course in Information Technology. And it was while I was studying engineering course that I told myself, that I will not limit myself to technical education. I would want to work closely with the people – client facing endeavors. And that is when I decided that I should pursue MBA program sometime in future with Marketing as the specialization. I believe Marketing as a subject is a perfect route to understand the needs and wants of the people and to provide solutions, products and services to them.

My tenure at BNP Paribas exposed me to the business and functional aspects of the international transactions and marketing. It helped understand national and international clients to a large extent and gave me an opportunity to work in techno-functional roles. My experience at BNP Paribas made my belief of pursuing MBA stronger. And that is how I landed up doing PGDM course at WeSchool.

WeSchool, as I had always heard, was an apt place to pursue MBA owing to the immense amount of opportunities it provides to the students. Internships, live projects, case study approach, networking opportunities, startups mentoring, etc are some of the few opportunities which a student gets at WeSchool. Moreover, it is the top-ranked premium management school in India. As a student, I have always excelled in academics as well as extracurricular, then be it securing first rank in Standard Twelve at National College, Bandra, Mumbai or getting Best Student Award for over all four years performance at Vidyalankar Insitute of Technology. Hence, I always wanted to be in a college where academics as well as extra-curricular activities are equally appreciated, encouraged and looked after. This made me apply at WeSchool.

Today, I feel extremely proud to say that getting into WeSchool was one of the best decisions of my life. There are many ways this institute has helped me grow as a person and as a professional. The vast canvas of opportunities which WeSchool campus provided me is a different story altogether. In the first year, I got an opportunity to be a part of World Communication Forum at Davos, Switzerland and represent Welingkar on an international platform. It was a one-of-a-kind experience which helped me widen my horizons and work closely with global leaders. As an immense networking opportunity, it helped me to understand multiple nationalities, business methodologies and etiquettes in a much comprehensive manner.

I also got an opportunity to work with Mahindra & Mahindra Group through Welingkar for a LIVE project based on urban mobility issues. The project spanned around six months, helped me understand the tricks and techniques to perform sector analysis, problem identification, figuring out the pain-points of the people, noting down the observations and generating insights out of them to ultimately derive few opportunity spaces to work on. The solutions which our team provided to the Group were well appreciated. A similar real-time project was under the Global Citizen Leadership program at WeSchool. This project was about smart cities and how the unorganized cities like Mumbai and Bangalore can be smarter.

In fact, as a Placement Secretary as well, I got an opportunity to network with corporates, connect with the students across the batches and maximize the inflow of opportunities to the institute.

How are the insights derived from Accenture’s new analytics capabilities allowing them to find the sweet spots that will continue to drive loyalty, profitability and sustainable growth?

As a backbone of all marketing activities, customer and analytics have gained paramount importance. It has become extremely necessary to analyze the customer needs in a way that is smarter and intelligent. And here, an effective customer relationship management comes into picture. As a consulting and technology company, Accenture has always been process driven and has aimed to understand and solve problems of the customers and corporates. Use of intelligent analytical tools and techniques at the organization helps them to analyze the needs and wants of the customer better and give insightful solutions. And in today’s era, where digitization has creeped in to almost 10% and more of marketing spends, customer data analytics becomes the key aspect of marketing management. Hence, I feel extremely happy to be placed at Accenture and aspire to contribute as much as possible in the fields of business analysis and customer relationship management.

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